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Talking Chiefs, NFL Draft, Quarterbacks, Dwayne Bowe And Brandon Carr

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I talked with Nick Wright on 610 Sports this afternoon about a few different Kansas City Chiefs-related topics including the NFL draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and of course Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Carr.

Since I just talked about all this stuff, an easy post is to recap our conversation. Here's a summary of what we talked about:

Is a trade down the best move? I love trading down. Last year is a perfect example why -- trade down a few spots, still get a good player (Jonathan Baldwin) and then pick up another draft pick that turns into another good player (Justin Houston). I think just about the only reason to trade up in the draft is to select a quarterback. There's too much talent at the other positions (in most years) that would stop me from trading up for any other reason. So, if I'm the Chiefs, I definitely take a trade back -- Nick suggested Cleveland wanting to move from No. 22 to the Chiefs pick to select Ryan Tannehill. I'd take that deal in a heartbeat.
Why did the Chiefs interview Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III at the Combine? Not really sure. There's no way they'll trade up and get Luck and the chances of trading up for RG3 are very, very, very slim (if they exist at all). But I still don't really know if there's a football reason that the Chiefs interviewed these guys. But it does fall in line with the question below...

Why all the quarterback talk surrounding the Chiefs lately? The question of the offseason. Maybe this is just fans like me getting their panties in a bunch when it comes to the Chiefs and quarterbacks but it sure seems like there's been a lot of quarterback talk around Kansas City lately. It started back at Romeo Crennel's season-ending press conference when he said there would be competition at the quarterback position. Then it continued with the Peyton Manning speculation, which Crennel didn't do anything to put out. And then the Chiefs interviewing four of the top quarterbacks in this draft class at the NFL Combine. Coincidence? Maybe. But it sure seems like anything connected to the Chiefs lately is about a quarterback. We'll delve into this a lot more in the coming days and weeks.

Quarterback not named Matt Cassel who has the best chance to be the Chiefs starter next year? Gotta be Peyton Manning. The Chiefs aren't going to trade up and select Luck and probably not RG3 either. And no other quarterback on the open market is an upgrade over Cassel (which tells you all you need to know about quarterback depth on the free agent market). Nick's been saying all week that Manning is the only player other than Cassel that has a shot to be the Chiefs quarterback next year. I think that's a good take.

Is picking Bowe over Carr the right move? When it comes to the franchise tag...I have to say yes. This is a tough question for me because Carr is one of my favorite players on the team. The Chiefs were able to replace Carr with a guy in Stanford Routt who, while not as good, comes at half the price. In theory, the Chiefs have created money to spend elsewhere. Also look at the Chiefs defense without Carr and they're still a pretty solid unit. And then look at the Chiefs offense without Bowe gosh, that's not a pretty sight. Bowe means more to the Chiefs offense than Carr does to the Chiefs defense -- that's the big point in my argument for Bowe over Carr.

It's Game Time.

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