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Countdown Is On: 2012 NFL Season Kicks Off On Wednesday, Sept. 5

The 2012 NFL season opening game will not include the Kansas City Chiefs. That we already know. The Super Bowl champion New York Giants will host the season opener and the Chiefs don't play the NFC East next season so the Chiefs won't be in that game.

But when we do watch our next regular season game, it'll be on Wednesday, September 5. The league usually plays the season opening game on Thursday but that conflicts with some political speech going on that day. So, they announced today that the game will be played on Wednesday.

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The Giants will host somebody. We won't know who until the league releases the schedule, usually sometime in April. The Chiefs season opener will probably be on that Sunday, or even perhaps one of the Monday night games in Week 1.

We'll end this with a little bit of trivia. 1.) How many days until the NFL season kicks off? 2.) When was the last game played on a Wednesday?

It's Game Time.

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