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Inside The Chiefs Combine Interview Of Andrew Luck


Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli made the media rounds at the 2012 NFL Combine last weekend and one of the things he talked about was trying to make use of their 15-minute interviews with players at the Combine. He said players these days have been coached so well to say the right things that sometimes it's hard to figure out what's genuine and what's been coached.

One of the questions they asked when interviewing Stanford QB Andrew Luck was what his favorite book was. Via Peter King of

When presumptive top overall pick Andrew Luck of Stanford chatted with the Chiefs, Crennel asked him what he liked to do away from football. "Read," Luck said, giving what was likely the first such response in combine history. General manager Scott Pioli asked him to name his favorite book. "Papillon," Luck told him, referring to the 1969 tale of a Frenchman convicted of murder and eventually sent to Devil's Island. "I like historical fiction, mostly."

Pioli said it's not always about learning new information. Sometimes it's asking a prospect a question to which they already know the answer. Maybe they were curious about his reading habits

And, by the way, the money line from Pioli: "Never mind drafting these guys. I wish my daughter would marry one of 'em."

So, yeah, the Chiefs really, really like these guys. Unfortunately, the chances of getting one of them are...not so good. But definitely check out Peter King's latest at Sports Illustrated on Luck, Robert Griffin III and the quarterback market. Terrific read on what the marketplace for quarterbacks looks like right now.

It's Game Time.

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