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NFL Combine: KC Chiefs Check Out A Michigan Receiver

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GM Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs create their own reports on all the prospects in the 2012 NFL draft talking about their strengths, weaknesses and all that. When something doesn't add up, or looks a little off, they red flag it and say they need more information about that particular player.

That information often time comes from the NFL Combine when they have a chance to talk with these players. And one of the guys the Chiefs talked to at the Combine this week is Junior Hemingway, a receiver out of Michigan.

Physically, he looks like an NFL player. 6'1", 225 pounds. 4.5 40-yard dash. 21 reps on the bench press. 35 1/2 inch vertical leap. Those are some good numbers.

But the concern is that this guy wasn't overly productive at Michigan. His best season topped out at 699 yards. 34 receptions last year and 32 the year before. Career high of four touchdowns in one season. Where's the production? Hard to make it in the NFL if you can't dominate in the Big Ten.

Looking a little closer, you realize there's a reason for that. Denard Robinson was his quarterback and he takes a less than traditional approach to the position. Robinson is a runner first and a passer second, thus Hemingway didn't always have an Andrew Luck spiral coming at him.

So the Chiefs will take a closer look at guys like Hemingway but, at the end of the day, they're still basing some of this on guesswork. The guy has only played in an offense that looks drastically different than the Chiefs. You can do all the research you want but, at some point, you gotta throw somebody on the field to see how they do.

It's Game Time.

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