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Looking For The Chiefs Next Nose Tackle At The NFL Combine

After right tackle, the position we clamor for the most with the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL draft is nose tackle. The Chiefs switched to a 3-4 defense in 2009, the first year of the Scott Pioli regime, and still don't have a young nose tackle option at this point.

Kelly Gregg is not under contract and could retire. Jerrell Powe was a sixth round pick last year and without much playing time last year we're not really sure what he can do. Anthony Toribio is closer to Powe in terms of being an unknown.

So who will the Chiefs nose tackle be?

Perhaps we can interest in you in Memphis nose tackle Dontari Poe. He comes in at a whopping 346 pounds so, at first glance, the size is there. Poe is 6'4" and repped the 225 pound bench press 44 times, which leaves him as the strongest man at the Combine this year.

He also ran a 4.87 40-yard dash.

Let me repeat that: a 346-pound man ran the 40-yard dash in 4.87 seconds. That might be faster than me and he has more than 150 pounds on me! (Does that say more about Poe or me?)

Via Mocking The Draft:

"I think I can rush the passer a lot more than people think," Poe said. "I am used to playing nose tackle, but I played some three-technique, some five-technique. I'm pretty comfortable anywhere along the defensive line.

"I think I'm pretty explosive. That's probably my biggest strength. Most people think just because I'm big I do nothing but power. But I kind of use my quickness to my advantage."

The idea of taking a nose tackle in the first round is interesting and it's also a little complicated. We've previously made the argument that bringing Brandon Carr back may not make sense because the Chiefs have so much money wrapped up in the secondary already. It's not the same but the defensive line situation is similar. The Chiefs have two top five picks there. Do they want to add another first round pick to the defensive line? Or should this be spent along the offensive line?

NFL Network's Mike Mayock said the interior offensive line and the defensive tackle positions are among the deepest in this draft. There will be plenty of options along both lines.

Check out this article from Mocking The Draft. Tells you about his versatility as a defensive lineman, which is something the Chiefs talk about a lot.

It's Game Time.

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