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Chiefs And QBs: Talking RG3, Peyton Manning, Kyle Orton And More

The Kansas City Chiefs and quarterbacks. That's all the talk lately. From Robert Griffin III to Peyton Manning to Matt Cassel to Ricky Stanzi to Kyle Orton, there's a lot to talk about. If you missed the quarterback talk on Friday, I've summed it all up for you below...

The Chiefs met with Baylor QB Robert Griffin III last night. Yeah, that's RG3 to you. He spilled the beans in his Combine press conference that he met with Philly and would meet with the Chiefs and Browns tonight. GM Scott Pioli didn't really talk about it other than to say that they'll look at a lot of players. The Chiefs have 60 players they can interview for 15 minutes apiece while at the Combine. For now, RG3 is just one of 60. I'd be stunned if this was anything more than the Chiefs doing some due diligence and getting to know one of the next great quarterbacks in the league (because scouting is a science and we know for a fact RG3 will be successful, right?).

Chiefs want Kyle Orton back and he seems to want to come back to KC. The Chiefs have said for a while Orton is an option -- I just didn't believe he would want to come back. But Pioli said on Friday that the Chiefs want Orton back and have been talking to him, and that Orton also seems to want to come back. In other words, Orton will probably test free agency and if he can't find a starting job, he could come back to the next best thing -- competing with Cassel for the Chiefs starting job.
Pioli can't talk about Peyton Manning. He was asked about Manning but because of the league's rules against tampering he couldn't say anything. Well...he could've cleared up the confusion and said the Chiefs are not interested. But he chose not to do that. Do we read anything into that? I'm not really sure. This is new territory as far as evaluating Pioli is concerned. But in three years, he's made a couple of big moves at quarterback -- dealing the second round pick for Cassel and giving him $10 million per year and then plucking Orton off the waiver wire (which could be filed under the no-brainer category). I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. The Chiefs haven't given us an indication they'd be serious about Manning but they also haven't given us an indication we should rule them out.

Still sounds like Matt Cassel is the starter. The words "Matt Cassel is our starting quarterback" did come out of his mouth at one point. Cassel is still the plan, as far as I can tell. There will be competition and, as Pioli has said before, there was competition the last few years. (Reasonable people can and have disagreed with that latter part.) Pioli also said Cassel is healthy and throwing the ball well so there shouldn't be any issues with his season-ending hand injury moving into next season.

Ricky Stanzi is a future starter, Pioli says. The Chiefs haven't forgotten Stanzi. Pioli told the KC Star this week that he has a lot of potential and he could be a future starter in the league. Kent Babb of the KC Star said earlier this year that the Chiefs don't necessarily view Stanzi as their future starting quarterback. Interesting change of pace for the Chiefs.

It's Game Time.

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