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Scott Pioli Remembers Romeo Crennel's First Team Meeting As Head Coach


Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli appeared on a number of media outlets down at the 2012 NFL Combine on Friday including his press conference, a spot on Sirius XM NFL Radio following that and then live on the NFL Network set right after that.

With three interviews in that span of time, you get a good idea of what he thinks, or what he wants other people to know he thinks. On Romeo Crennel -- and he's said this before -- he doesn't want others to think he's this players coach who the players like only because he's easy on them. Throughout the interviews, Pioli noted that, while Crennel is viewed as this players coach, he's also stern when he needs to be. He's loud when he needs to be. He's not a push-over. He simply tells you the way it is.

Like Crennel's first team meeting as head coach, which Pioli described.

Pioli said, "He looks at the team and says, 'All you guys with hats on, get them off your head.' He wasn't being a hard guy, or a tough guy. It was just: take them off. Guys with the hoodies, take them off. Let's pay attention."

Different coaching styles can be effective. There's no one way to do it (or else everyone would be copying that way). Pioli described Crennel as the even-keeled, yet authoritative guy.

"One of the rare coaches I've seen," Pioli said, "similar to Bill Belichick, where he's the same guy every single day."

Where he really needs to be more like Belichick is Super Bowl appearances. Crennel is impressive with five Super Bowl appearances but Belichick has eight as an assistant or head coach. Three more for Crennel?

The coaching style and the personality stuff is interesting and we'll talk about it more moving forward. There's not a lot of data on something like that because all coaches are different but other folks, like 810 WHB's Soren Petro, have had some really interesting opinions on the path "player coaches" have taken previously.

It's Game Time.

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