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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Was Asked About Peyton Manning


There have been some rumblings that the Kansas City Chiefs could be one of the teams interested in Peyton Manning if/when the Indianapolis Colts release him. I'm not sure if that's accurate or not and we won't find out from GM Scott Pioli.

The Chiefs GM was asked about Manning on an NFL Network appearance today....

Question: "There's a loose report out there now that Peyton Manning could potentially be on your radar. What are your thoughts on a guy like Peyton Manning when you talk about your quarterback competition?"

Pioli: "There are league rules in place where players who are under contract...I can't speak about a player under contract with another team."

Michael Lombardi, NFL Network reporter: "We predicted that answer in our staff meeting!"

And Pioli followed up wondering if the NFL Network guys were trying to get him fined. (He was laughing.)

So, a Peyton Manning update? Not coming from Scott Pioli.

It's Game Time.

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