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Chiefs GM Talks Up Ricky Stanzi

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Some interesting comments from Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. Check out the full story in the KC Star.

Pioli hit on a few points, including that the Chiefs will have quarterback competition this offseason and that the Chiefs have had quarterback competition in the past three years. Many people would disagree with him on that latter point but he states his case in the Star story.

But he also talked about Ricky Stanzi, calling him a guy who "has the potential to start in this league."

Now, what else is he supposed to say, right? But this is about the strongest statement we've heard from anyone on the Chiefs about Ricky Stanzi, at least in a long while. He seemed like a complete afterthought last season, even after Matt Cassel's injury. He was never given an opportunity to play as the Chiefs first chose Tyler Palko over him, and then Kyle Orton. You almost forgot he was on the roster. Him not playing down the stretch last year led many of us to believe that Stanzi just wasn't very good. At least not yet. That was the logical conclusion to come to. Maybe that's not the case. The Chiefs obviously haven't given up on him or anything like that.

Quarterbacks are usually a team's biggest asset. It would be nice if the Chiefs do what Pioli says they eventually want to do -- draft a quarterback every year -- and create more assets the team can use to improve.

It's Game Time.

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