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NFL Draft: Rams Already Getting Calls About The No. 2 Pick

The St. Louis Rams hold the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL draft and it's been speculated by quite a few people that they'll be shopping that pick. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, several teams have already called the Rams regarding a trade-up.

The target? Robert Griffin III. The Baylor quarterback is now expected to be the second pick in the draft behind Andrew Luck. We just don't know who will be picking second.

I can see a number of teams who would want to move up to that spot including the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and even Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs pick 11th and it'd be extremely expensive to make that move, especially for an unknown product. In other words, don't expect KC to be involved in this.

Now that the NFL has the rookie pay system under control there's a good chance we see some trades near the top of the draft. Those top picks are no longer the burden they used to be with $60+ million contracts. The money is manageable. It's just the picks you're trading.

Who do you think ends up drafting second in this draft?

It's Game Time.

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