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Chiefs Win Coin Flip; 11th Pick In 2012 NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs are unstoppable when it comes to coin flips and they demonstrated that again on Friday morning. KC won a coin flip over the Seattle Seahawks, which means they'll be drafting 11th in the 2012 NFL draft. The Seahawks are drafting 12th.

Here's a picture of the fancy coin they used. I really like the idea of calling Chiefs instead of heads or tails.

The Chiefs and Seahawks both ended the season with the same record and the same opponent's record. It's just one spot but when you're talking about the top 12 picks one spot is a pretty big deal.

Also flipping a coin this morning were the Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers. The Dolphins beat out the Panthers so they'll be drafting 8th, and Carolina will pick 9th.

So that's that. The 2012 NFL draft order is officially set (here's the whole thing).

It's Game Time.

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