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Here Comes The Peyton Manning Talk

Peyton Manning, the biggest free-agent-to-be in history, or at least since Reggie White, should be hitting the market sometime before his March 8 bonus is due. As we've said before, because Manning is Manning and one of the greatest quarterbacks ever so there will be a boatload of rumors connecting Manning to a lot of teams. So far, it seems there are just a few teams often connected to him, and the Chiefs aren't one of them.

But it seems this is the Chiefs day.

It all started with an appearance from Mike Florio on Doug Gottlieb's radio show on Wednesday. Florio said he had a feeling the Chiefs were going to be the team to get Manning. Not a report or anything like that, just a talking-out-loud hunch, sorta thing.

And then on Thursday both Nick Wright and Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports tweeted out Manning-to-KC rumors on Thursday afternoon.

Wright: "I know a lot of you guys thought I was joking about Peyton to KC being possible, but I'm hearing more and more that it really could happen."

Fescoe: "Hearing the #chiefs and tom condon have spoken twice abt peyton manning. Told financials a good fit for kc. We shall see what happens"

Florio has since followed up with a post citing Fescoe's information. He also points out that Fescoe's tweet basically results in the Chiefs tampering with Manning. That's common at the Combine but I bet the Chiefs don't wanna be called on it, especially if it isn't true.

When it comes to Manning, the key for me is to believe that everyone has an opinion on what will happen, but no one knows what will happen. I think we're gonna be on an up-and-down ride during Manning's pending free agency.

To add a little fuel to the fire, remember a few weeks back Voice Of The Chiefs Mitch Holthus guessed the Chiefs would at least investigate the move. Maybe just a look-see to see what his situation is. Perhaps more.

From my perspective, he does make a ton of sense for KC. That's why I'm surprised KC isn't brought up by national media outlets as a Manning landing spot. The problem is that he also makes sense for about 20 other teams. This just doesn't seem like their style. I have been and I still am under the assumption Matt Cassel will be the starter in 2012. If you're wondering my QB guess, that's it.

Part of me is saying, 'No way can this be true...' and the other part says, ''Well, it does make some sense...' (And the other part of me is wondering whether Peyton will come with an apology for what the Colts did to our Chiefs in the divisional playoffs in 1993, again in January 1994 and then even again in the Wild Card game in January 2007.)

So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not sure yet what I'm saying. You?

It's Game Time.

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