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Packers Face A Dilemma With Matt Flynn

The Green Bay Packers on Wednesday night agreed to a two-year deal with tight end Jermichael Finley, reportedly worth $15 million. He was one of the Packers free agents heading into the 2012 offseason and if they didn't do a deal with him now they probably would've franchise tagged him before March 5, the deadline to use the franchise tag.

But now that the Packers have the franchise tag available they enter into a situation very similar to the one the Patriots saw themselves in before trading a franchise tagged Matt Cassel to the Chiefs.

The Packers have a starter in place in Aaron Rodgers, like the Pats did with Tom Brady. Flynn is the backup quarterback and has no future as a starter in Green Bay while Rodgers is there, kinda like Cassel and Brady. Someone, somewhere always needs a quarterback so there will be a market for Flynn, like there was with Cassel.

And the market for quarterbacks is ridiculous, by the way. Flynn has a pair of starts in his career and I'm wondering if he could fetch a second round pick. Remember when the Pats traded Cassel to the Chiefs for a second round pick? And some people thought the Chiefs straight up robbed the Pats? (One columnist called for an NFL investigation he thought the Chiefs got such a good deal.) That's how crazy the quarterback market is. 15 starts, two starts....this league is so desperate for quarterbacks that people will give up quite a bit for them.

No real point with this story, just an observation. I think the Packers probably should franchise tag Flynn because someone out there will give up a draft pick for him. But even if they did let him walk, they'd could open themselves up for a third round compensatory pick, so the Packers should see returns either way.

It's Game Time.

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