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One Possibility For The Chiefs QB Competition

The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be looking for competition for QB Matt Cassel this offseason. We don't know what kind of competition it'll be but it'll be competition.

So where will that competition come from and who will that player be?

One interesting possibility could be QB Jimmy Clausen. He's with the Carolina Panthers at the moment and the Charlotte Observer reported this week that he could be a salary cap casualty.

Clausen was once thought to be a first round pick -- remember when we thought KC would take him at the top of round two a couple years ago? -- but his NFL career has been less than stellar.

There's really not a whole to evaluate with Clausen -- he hasn't been very good in the NFL. But he's young enough to still hang in that cloud of "potential" so perhaps there's some promise. He played for Charlie Weis, who has connections back to KC.

Interesting name to keep an eye on. The question I would have is, if the Chiefs believed he could make it, why didn't they draft him two years ago? Maybe not the best option but possibly an option if he's released.

It's Game Time.

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