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What Is The Kansas City Chiefs Biggest Need?

It's amazing how we can all watch the same Kansas City Chiefs games and come away with totally different theories on what's wrong with the team.

Some people say the Chiefs defense can't stop the run without a nose tackle. Others say it's the inside linebacker next to Derrick Johnson. Others say the offensive line is the position group in need of the biggest upgrade. The quarterback is always thrown in there as well. And who will carry the ball behind Jamaal Charles?

Lots of possibilities for the Chiefs biggest need. I'd be happy with a number of different selections in the 2012 NFL draft but we all have our thoughts on the one position that the Chiefs absolutely, positively have to fix. They'll have two big opportunities to make that fix -- free agency and the NFL draft.

I'm not really sure what the consensus is among the fan base. Offensive tackle, nose tackle, quarterback.... a lot of people are clamoring for different positions. So, to get a better idea of what the fan base is thinking about the Chiefs priorities, we're conducting a poll.

Vote in the poll and let us know: What's the Chiefs biggest need?

It's Game Time.

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