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So Who Is The Chiefs Defensive Coordinator?

Interesting tidbit from Stanford Routt's interview with Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports this week. The new Kansas City Chiefs cornerback was talking about meeting the KC coaching staff on his visit and said:
"When I went to Kansas City, I met everybody. I met Romeo, I met the GM, Scott Pioli, I met Otis Smith and Emmitt Thomas. I briefly met the defensive coordinator -- real quickly, because they were in meetings -- and from the moment I walked in there, they embraced me."
Hmm...he met Romeo Crennel and the defensive coordinator.

But...Romeo is the defensive coordinator.

I'd guess one of the Chiefs defensive assistant coaches has taken on more of a leadership role with Crennel having increased duties as the head guy. Maybe that assistant runs some of the day-to-day stuff while Crennel can tend to the offense, defense and special teams. You know how Crennel says there's a lot more you have to do as the head coach, like non-football stuff? I wouldn't be surprised if he has an assistant coach who is involved when he's doing head coach duties. I would also guess that assistant is Gary Gibbs, linebackers coach. He's a veteran coach and has been around for a while. He seems like a logical choice given the options.

It's either that or Routt just misspoke. I'm just guessing here.

It's Game Time.

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