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Chiefs GM: Stanford Routt Signing Doesn't Impact Brandon Carr

Shortly after hearing the news that the Kansas City Chiefs had signed CB Stanford Routt, the reaction by many fans was that this means the end of the Brandon Carr era in Kansas City.

That's not necessarily the case, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty on 810 WHB this morning.

"I'll say this," Pioli said, "the signing of Stanford Routt does not impact where we're at with Brandon Carr. As a matter of fact, Romeo [Crennel] and I both reached out to Brandon yesterday as this was unfolding and talked to him. I spoke personally with Brandon, and without getting into the details of that conversation, but he knows, and he's known before, he's someone we want to keep here, and he's still someone we want to keep a Chief.

"This signing doesn't eliminate the feelings that we have for Brandon and how we want to have him here. He knows that. He wants to be here. We want him here. If both sides find a deal that makes sense for one another, we'd love to have Brandon back."

That's true. I believe the Chiefs want him back. But, let's be honest, the Routt signing makes it a lot less likely Carr is going to return.

Stanford Routt: 'I don't see why we can't win'

"This happens every year," Pioli said, "there's a couple players, or a player or two, that are good, quality players that end up on the street and they're available prior to free agency and you have an opportunity to make a decision or not.

"Knowing where we're at with the cap situation and knowing some of the plans and things that might happen with our roster...we want to try and keep Brandon here. Nothing was done yet so we saw an opportunity with a player on a very fair contract who really wanted to be a Chief. And we thought it would be a good marriage."

Pioli and Carr's camp will continue talking in the hopes of getting something done. I doubt something does happen, but they won't cut off communications.

Pioli also recognized that the Chiefs are playing with fire by signing Routt, who is a former Raider.

"Him being a former Raider," Pioli said of Routt, "we're trying to clean up his life a little bit and get him out here as a Kansas City Chief. We're trying to make an honest man out of him!" (Yes, of course he was kidding.)

It's Game Time.

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