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Stanford Routt's Penalty Problem Sounds Fixable

One of the top criticisms following the Kansas City Chiefs move to sign Stanford Routt has been that the former Oakland Raiders cornerback had a ton of penalties last year -- 17. He lead the league in that regard (actually Brandon Browner had 19 but three were declined) so that's definitely a concern.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli acknowledged the penalties in an interview on 810 WHB's Border Patrol this morning and noted that the Raiders had a reputation around the league for penalties. Perhaps Routt's penalties were at least partially due to that.

That's something Routt's former position coach, Kevin Ross, seemed to agree with.

"If you watched the Oakland Raiders, we were the most penalized team in the league," Ross said on 610 Sports with Nick Wright. "A lot of times, those penalties were not actually penalties. When we reported them back to the league in New York, we send those penalties in, and half the time those came back and they weren't penalties. The fact that he's changing teams, that should go down."

And Routt himself agreed with that as in an interview with Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports.

"Every Monday, the coaches would get a report back from the league on which team penalties were actually verifiable and correct, and which ones seemed suspect," Routt said. "And according to those sheets, about half the penalties I got were deemed not penalties."

He had nine in a three week stretch late in the season. So, a problem? Maybe. But maybe not as big of a problem as we once thought.

It's Game Time.

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