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The Chiefs And The Tight End Position

I always look at the Super Bowl teams and figure out what the Kansas City Chiefs can take from them so that they can be playing in the Super Bowl. We've talked about some of the things both the New York Giants and New England Patriots do well (not to mention those quarterbacks) but there's one area I wanted to look at -- the tight ends.

The Patriots, as you know, have those freak tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Since this is a copy-cat league, you know someone will try to take what they've done and copy it.

The Chiefs are halfway there with Tony Moeaki if they wanted to create a dual tight end threat. He's athletic and fast enough to cause problems in the middle of the field like those Patriots tight ends do.

So my question to you: Would you approve of drafting a tight end in, let's say, the second round? Is that too high? Other pressing needs? I can't say I know a whole lot about this year's crop of tight ends -- there's only one Rob Gronkowski, anyway -- but that doesn't really matter. This question is really about the idea in general of utilizing two tight ends like the Pats do. Is that something the Chiefs should consider?

It's Game Time.

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