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Romeo Crennel On Matt Cassel's Deep Ball And The KC Chiefs 2012 Offense

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Last week the Kansas City Chiefs new offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, spoke to the KC media for the first time and described what he envisions the Chiefs offense looking like next season. He used the word attack, talked about different formations, no-huddle, play-action and all that good stuff. Read all about that here.

The man who hired Daboll, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel, talked with the KC media on a Wednesday conference call about some of the differences and similarities with the Chiefs offense last year and moving forward under Daboll.

"I think some of it will be the same, but I think Brian will add his touch to it," Crennel said. "He's already said that he wants to attack a little bit more, so I think that probably in his game plan he's going to devise ways to try to get the ball down the field maybe a little bit more often than we did last year."

Hmm...downfield? That's not really one of Cassel's strengths.

"I think Matt has a good enough arm that he can throw the deep ball," Crennel said in response to a question from Adam Teicher of the KC Star. "Now, this is not saying that every ball is going to be a deep ball. You can go down the field and not be a 50-yard pass every time. If it's a 25-yard pass, that's not a bad gain offensively."

Let's not look too deep into Crennel's words. The Chiefs are going to stick to Cassel's strengths and the deep ball is not one of them. That's really one of my question marks about the Chiefs and how GM Scott Pioli built them.

The Chiefs have invested a lot into the receivers -- Dwayne Bowe could get a big deal this offseason, Steve Breaston got 20-plus million last offseason and Jonathan Baldwin was a first round pick. The Chiefs have so much invested in that position and one of the quarterback's weaknesses is going deep. Fundamentally -- as in the makeup of the team -- that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. All other things being equal, this is why I can see the Kyle Orton over Cassel argument.

But, like I was saying before I got side-tracked (happens easily), let's not judge the Chiefs 2012 offense from a few quotes in February. Lots will change between now and then including the Chiefs offense.

It's Game Time.

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