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2012 NFL Mock Draft Sends Trent Richardson To KC

Besides offensive tackle, one of the popular selections for the Kansas City Chiefs in the various 2012 NFL mock drafts out on the web is Alabama running back Trent Richardson. If you watched college football this year, you know about Richardson.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock on Wednesday said: "I think the last guy where you banged the table this hard was Peterson when he was the 7th pick."

Whoa. That's pretty crazy, if you think about it. It's probably why Charley Casserly sent Richardson to the Chiefs with the 11th pick in his mock draft for CBS Sports.

"Too good a player to pass up -- Richardson truly boasts top-10 ability," Casserly wrote of the Chiefs pick.

Here's another mock draft that has the Chiefs picking Richardson. I can see the logic and, if he truly is one of those running backs that only comes around every few years, then I could be persuaded into taking him. That said, a running back in the top half of the first round isn't my style. (Then again, my style hasn't resulted in me getting a job as a GM so...)

Casserly's mock draft has the Chiefs selecting 11th but we won't know that for sure until next week when the coin flip is held.

It's Game Time.

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