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NFL Free Agency 2012: Nose Tackles Hitting The Market

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It sounds like the Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle during the 2011 season, Kelly Gregg, is leaning toward retirement, which means the Chiefs need a nose tackle for the 2011-12 season. We already went over the nose tackle position in depth and talked about what KC could do but with the depth that's on the team this looks like a pretty big hole right now.

And holes on your team are often filled through the wonderful world of free agency. So which nose tackles will be available for the Chiefs in free agency?

A couple of them pop out to me.

First, Paul Soliai, who is coming from the Miami Dolphins. They may not be able to re-sign him after franchising him last season. His agent expects him to hit the market. He's listed at 6'4" and 355 pounds and only 28 years old.

Second, Sione Pouha, who is coming from the New York Jets. He's a little older -- 33 -- but only broke into the league in 2005 so he doesn't have as much tread on his tires as you'd think. Here's what Pro Football Focus said about him: "He offers very little push in the passing game, but is so good in the run game that any team with a problem stopping the run (regardless of scheme) needs to make an offer to his agent."

Third, there's Albert Haynesworth who will really "get it" this time around and become a force as a 3-4 nose tackle.

And then there's the draft, which is an option as well. The Chiefs could also trade for a player under contract with another team.

There are a couple of the bigger name options for KC in 2012. Any preference on either of them?

It's Game Time.

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