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So, Which One Of You Ordered KC Wolf For Valentine's Day?

The Chiefs website advertises a KC Wolf appearance for Valentine's Day and though I've never seen it go down I can only imagine seven foot KC Wolf walking into an office giving flowers and chocolates to some lucky lady/man/wolf. Perhaps he brings in the four-wheeler with flames shooting out of the back. Maybe he runs over a guy in the office dressed in Raiders colors. I don't know.

So we gotta know: Did anyone order KC Wolf to surprise your significant other this year? Have you ever ordered it?

If you did then, yeah, we're gonna need to see some pictures.

As for my Valentine's Day....Ms. Primetime received a box of chocolates this morning that had on it a picture of two dogs who looked just like our two dogs, Callie and Sheldon. Chocolates + puppies = success. Easy enough formula. She's also getting dinner cooked for her tonight. I'd be worried about her reading this and blowing the surprise if she, you know, actually read Arrowhead Pride.

It's Game Time.

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