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Twitter Loves Randy Moss (And Peyton Manning)

It never fails. An NFL player is cut and every fan base in the league wants their team to sign him. Or, in the case of Randy Moss, a player announces his unretirement and every team's fan base wants their team to sign him.

I love watching Twitter as these things unfold because you get a rush of fans vying for their team to sign the player who's in the news that day. That's the case with the Kansas City Chiefs fan base and Randy Moss.

Usually, that's Peyton Manning. But today, it's Randy Moss. Check out what people on Twitter are saying about Moss and the Chiefs (and, for the record, I think Moss makes very little sense in Kansas City):
#Kc chiefs need to snatch Randy moss and peyton Manning

Randy Moss makin a comeback but #Chiefs arent goin after him cause their using their money on Manning #Peyton2KC

The #chiefs should look at Randy Moss, we seem to sign every other old reciever. Why not one that has actually done something in his career

Bring Randy Moss to Chiefs lol #MossisBoss

WOW!!!!....Randy Moss.... Chiefs??.....That Would Be #EPIC

Randy Moss says he wants to play football in 2012. Chiefs?

Randy Moss is back. Let's get him chiefs! #straightcashhomie

The Chiefs should just sign Manning and Moss, win a Superbowl, and be done with it. Just kidding...but seriously...

It's Game Time.

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