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Randy Moss Wants To Come Back

The journey of Randy Moss continues. The former NFL receiver two seasons ago was traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings, who then released him before he was claimed by the Tennessee Titans. He hasn't played football in a year after announcing his retirement.

But now he says he wants to play again in 2012.

Moss took to USTREAM, which is a live video chat, and answered fans' questions, one of them being whether he'll return to the NFL. A snippet:

"Your boy is gonna come back and play some football, man. I'm very excited. Like I said, man, I just had a lot of things that I had to adjust in my life, man."

"Faith, family, and football, man. That's my M.O., bro. If one of those three is off balance, man, then you get a mad, disappointed, and sad Moss [...] hopefully I get on a team, man, and hopefully I can finish this thing the way I want to."

So...yeah. No, I don't think the Chiefs would sign him. But someone will. Who will that be?

It's Game Time.

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