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Chiefs Free Agency Preview: Two Nose Tackles Under Contract For 2012

Our Kansas City Chiefs free agency preview moves onto the nose tackle position, where the Chiefs are set to lose half their nose tackle options in free agency. The Chiefs have two guys headed for free agency -- Kelly Gregg and Amon Gordon -- and another two under contract -- Jerrell Powe and Anthony Toribio.

The Chiefs nose tackle depth chart last season:

Nose tackle: Kelly Gregg, Amon Gordon, Jerrell Powe, Anthony Toribio (practice squad)

This group is set to lose the top two members of the depth chart to free agency.

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The free agents: Gregg signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs last season so his contract is up. We're not sure if he has any interest in playing again -- retirement is an option. Gregg was a decent stopgap for one season with the Chiefs but he's certainly getting up there in age. If there are no other options, I wouldn't be totally opposed to bringing Gregg back but I really think the Chiefs need to think long and hard about filling this position via free agency or the draft. I'm thinking something more longterm than Gregg.

Gordon is also set to be a free agent. He played some defensive end, too, so he has value to the Chiefs. I wouldn't be surprised if he were brought back if the price were right but I also don't think he's a future starter for the Chiefs at nose tackle.

The rest of the roster: Powe was a rookie last season and was inactive for all but one game. He was a sixth round pick and, without any playing time, we really don't know where he stands. He'll likely be on the roster but we just don't know in what capacity.

Toribio is also under contract and has been with the Chiefs since September 2010. He has seen action in only five games so, like Powe, we really don't know what they have in Toribio.

One sentence prediction: The Chiefs let Kelly Gregg walk and sign another veteran nose tackle off the free agent market which gives them time to figure out what they have in Jerrell Powe.

It's Game Time.

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