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Al Saunders Emerges As Chiefs OC Candidate

One of the reasons I liked going to the Super Bowl the last two years (South Beach > Dallas, by the way) was all the interesting tidbits of information you'd pick up while talking to athletes and other media folks throughout the week on radio row. Not always groundbreaking stuff but an old story here or a funny anecdote there.

Bob Gretz, who is down (or is it up?) at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, has a very interesting nugget that he picked up on radio row from former Dick Vermeil: Al Saunders visited with Romeo Crennel and the Chiefs this week.

Check out the post at for the quotes from Vermeil (and some background on Muir, who retired today, a week after telling Gretz he was not going to retire).

Saunders, of course, has had a couple of stints in KC -- first under Marty Schottenheimer for 10 years and then under Vermeil for five years.

One thing I'm still not clear on is Saunders' status with the Raiders. He was their offensive coordinator last season but the new head coach, Dennis Allen, has reportedly hired Greg Knapp to that position. Absent any official word from the Raiders, Saunders is still under contract in Oakland. Thus the Raiders could prevent this from happening and, well, they're the Raiders so maybe they would.

And that's only if the Chiefs were interested in actually hiring Saunders. We don't know whether they are.

We've been wondering for a while now if the Chiefs were waiting on one of the Super Bowl teams for their next offensive coordinator. But we also have to remember that there are still coaches becoming available -- or potentially available, in the case of Saunders -- from the six other new head coaches hired this year.

It's Game Time.

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