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Browns beat Chiefs: 5 losing stats for Kansas City

Kansas City was competitive for a half.

Matt Sullivan

The Kansas City Chiefs dropped their 11th game of the season, losing to the Cleveland Browns, 30-7, on Sunday. It was as disappointing as the rest of them as the Chiefs did a couple of things early that drew you in, making you think the offense was waking up.

And then they just decided not to score anymore after Jamaal Charles' 80-yard touchdown on the game's first play.

The Chiefs lost because they're not very good. Here are the Chiefs losing stats:

You lose when ... you go 1-of-11 on third down. This was an area where the Chiefs were showing some improvement but they took a huuuge step back with this miserable performance. If you can't sustain drives, you can't score a lot of points. The 80-yard runs will only come so often.

You lose when ... you complete less than 50 percent of your passes. Brady Quinn was 10-of-21 and his only notable plays came in the first quarter -- a 23-yard pass to Dwayne Bowe and a 47-yard pass to Bowe. That's it. That's the only time the Chiefs threatened the Browns through the air.

You lose when ... you make special teams mistakes. You miss a field goal, an easy one, too. You let Travis Benjamin take it to the house. That's what happens -- you lose. It's no secret.

You lose when ... you can't score in the red zone. This has been a problem for the Chiefs all season long. (Jon Baldwin was drafted for this very reason.) They were in the red zone twice and they came away with no points.

You lose when ... you score one touchdown. Since September 30, the Chiefs have scored more than one offensive touchdown in a game just once -- last week against the Carolina Panthers.

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