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The Chiefs need some new nicknames

We need to come up with some new nicknames.


Our pals over at Gillette have a question for us on their Facebook page:

Who has the best nickname in the NFL?

If by nicknames they mean team names, that's an easy answer. It's obviously the Chiefs. Duh.

So let's take this a step further: Who has the best nickname on the Chiefs?

I've always been partial to the simple ones, like DJ. The D-Bowe Show fits in perfectly. Jamaal Charles doesn't really have a good nickname, which is a shame. Same with Eric Berry (unless you count his college nickname, "The Fifth Dimension", which is pretty awesome). Some players, like Tamba, don't need a nickname. It's just Tamba. (Or the Liberian Nightmare).

Which Chiefs player has the best nickname?

Answering this question has made me realize we've done a piss poor job of assigning nicknames out to players. Drop your suggestions in the comments so I can make sure we're using those regularly.

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