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Chiefs vs. Browns: Avoiding the let down game for a 2-win team

Last week it was laughable to consider the Chiefs trying to avoid a let down game. This week it makes a lot more sense.


Heading into Sunday's game against the Panthers, KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said something that flabbergasted a lot of people. He basically said that the Chiefs have to avoid the let down game.

A 1-10 team avoiding a let down is hilarious, so we all laughed and moved on.

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But now, for Crennel, there's a legitimate possibility of a let down game this weekend. Actually, it's a classic let down game. The Chiefs were on an emotional high last week, playing after the tragic events that unfolded 28 hours before kickoff.

Can they keep that energy and emotion up? That's easily the biggest question heading into this game.

"What you hope is that, that emotion that they used and counting on each other and leaning on each other, that they are able to carry that forward into the next game because like I told them, once you step across the white line, nobody cares about what your problems are," Crennel said Wednesday, via comments sent out by the Chiefs.

Relying on emotional highs like that seems like a short term fix. The Chiefs can't play like that all the time.

"You have to be ready to play football, so on Sunday, we're going to step across the white line and we better be ready to play. If we're not ready to play, then we'll have a hard time winning."

The Chiefs haven't been ready to play in a few games this year. They've lost by double digits seven times. So what Romeo is saying is true. The Chiefs have to be ready.

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