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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 12/5

Good morning. We're light on football-only stories again this morning, but I think we'll see that begin to change tomorrow. Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news.


Jovan Belcher Had Access To Many NFL Support Programs from KC Star

During his four years with the Chiefs, linebacker Jovan Belcher, along with his teammates, attended dozens of NFL-sponsored meetings devoted to personal issues outside of football.

The sessions included handling personal and family relationships, depression, finances, drug and alcohol use, proper use of firearms and where to find help and counsel for anything that might be bothering them.

Unfortunately, the programs offered by the NFL and the NFL Players Association, not to mention individual counseling sessions with the Chiefs after the team became aware of problems, failed to connect with a troubled player such as Belcher.

Chiefs Show True Colors During Toughest Times from The Mothership

Following the 27-21 victory, the first in front of the camera was the team's leader, Romeo Crennel. Steady and focused but with feeling and a human touch, he spoke. The head coach thanked everyone for the prayers and support for his team, congratulated his players for their courageous efforts and then turned an unspeakable event into an unforgettable lesson.

"The thing that we have to understand, when any person has an issue or has problems, if they're not totally honest with you about their issues or their problems, you cannot give them the correct help. I think people have to be honest about what problems they have and how they perceive them and know people perceive things differently," Crennel said.

Before Shootings, Belcher Spent Part Of Morning At Armour Boulevard Apartment from KC Star

Police officers had contact with Belcher outside of the woman's apartment building about 2:50 a.m. Saturday after someone called 911 to report a suspicious car that had been in the parking lot for about two hours with its lights on...

...The officers asked Belcher to call his girlfriend and Belcher made a call from his cell phone, Snapp said. A short time later, a woman opened the apartment building door and let Belcher inside. The woman waved at police, who left because Belcher had no outstanding warrants and had committed no crimes. Belcher was very cooperative and may have consumed some alcohol but did not appear inebriated, Snapp said.

Long-Term Custody Of Belcher's, Perkins' Child Unclear from KC Star

Orphaned at 3 months old, the daughter of Kasandra Perkins and Jovan Belcher, is being cared for - for now - by her paternal grandmother.

But where little Zoey will be raised, and by whom, ultimately may be decided by a Jackson County judge.

According to area lawyers who practice family law, if Zoey's parents did not leave a will that designated a custodian, there are many possible outcomes when a child loses both parents, such as happened Saturday when Belcher shot Perkins to death and then took his own life.

NFL's New Safety Net Failed To Catch Belcher from NBC News

Four months after the NFL sought to curb domestic violence in its ranks by launching a crisis hotline, a bolstered mental-health program and fresh encouragement for troubled players to seek help, that fortified safety net could not prevent the murder-suicide Saturday involving Jovan Belcher. The Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, 25, shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, 22, at their home, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and killed himself in front of two coaches and the team's general manager.

Strong Reactions On Football Player's Murder-Suicide from CNN

Readers reacted strongly to a Monday op-ed on about Jovan Belcher, the Kansas City Chiefs football player who murdered his girlfriend and then committed suicide. The piece was written by Kevin Powell, an activist, public speaker, and writer, and discussed how the tragedy related to depression and what Powell called "very warped definitions of manhood." It stirred a lot of conversation, including over 1,500 comments and numerous tweets.

Media Has Been Careless, Callous With Belcher Story from The Biddeford Journal Tribune

Online reports immediately following Belcher's suicide were filled with detail mistakes, incorrect reports and speculation. They ranged from unsubstantiated details of an apparent fight he might have had with his girlfriend, to him possibly having a head injury that led to the tragedy.

Such is the danger of the Internet and cable television in this day of 24-hour news cycles. Journalists are in such a hurry to be the first to get a story, that many of them no longer verify that the facts are correct before printing them or speaking of them. This is a dangerous practice, as it is our responsibility as journalists to try, to the best of our abilities, to be accurate and clear.

Robert Griffin III, Redskins Getting Boost From Defense from

I loved what Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn had to say after his team won Sunday. It had nothing to do with the Chiefs' victory over the Carolina Panthers; rather, it was about the lives we lead and how we interact with one another on a daily basis, as Quinn reflected on the tragic circumstances surrounding the murder-suicide perpetrated by teammate Jovan Belcher. Still dealing with their raw emotions, the Chiefs went out and played their best game of the season. I plan on using Quinn's words as a constant reminder in my life moving forward.


Chiefs vs Browns - Game 13 from The Mothership

Cleveland enters Sunday's contest after a 20-17 victory over the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum last Sunday. Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden completed 25 passes on 36 attempts for 364 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Wide receiver Josh Gordon caught six passes for 116 yards including a 44-yard TD strike in the second quarter of play. Running back Trent Richardson added a three-yard TD run after a 14-play, 94-yard drive. On the defensive side of the ball, defensive back Tashaun Gipson led the club with eight tackles vs. Oakland and defensive lineman Juqua Parker recorded 1.0 sack.

After Emotional Win, Can Kansas City Chiefs Put Two Victories Together? Dennis Manoloff's Scouting Report from The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Crennel is one of the NFL's most respected people, and he has been a rock for his organization in the shootings' aftermath. As a head coach, though, doubts persist. It did not work out in Cleveland (24-40 from 2005-08) and it is not working so far in Kansas City.

Crennel leads a still-numb team into Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday. That the Browns are the opponent makes for a multi-layered subplot. Other former Browns on the Chiefs include Quinn, running back Peyton Hillis and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. Video: Sneak Peek: Chiefs Kingdom - 442nd Fighter Wing Video: Chiefs Live! 12/4/12

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