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Third Shift open thread 12/4

You've been waiting for this all day (maybe). Your nightly ritual is here.

Jamie Squire

It's only about 10 p.m. DC time and I'm on the verge of passing out. 24 hours of combined time in front of the computer over the weekend has me dragging so far this week. I'm sure Joel feels the same. Well, maybe. That guy is a machine when it comes to covering this site.

I'm headed to Austin, TX, tomorrow for a few days for a work trip. I'd say I'm excited about leaving the cold December weather in Washington but it's been pretty damn nice here the last few days. ~70 degree temperatures yesterday and today. Since I walk to and from work, I've noticed it even more. Austin will be hotter, maybe too hot, but that will be offset by the amazing Torchy's Tacos I'm already dreaming about having.

Anyone else got anything interesting happening this week?

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