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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel talks about moving on after tragedy

The Chiefs continue to deal with the after effects of tragedy.


KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel was asked at his Monday press conference what it was like coming to the facility on Monday, 48 hours after the tragedy.

"It was like coming to work like you normally do. You think about the events as you walk through the door and walk through the parking lot, but you know the events are over and you cannot undo them. They've been done, you cannot undo them. The only thing you can do is work for the future and toward the future."

Working toward the future isn't an easy task. Our "normal" is no longer there. "Normal" doesn't exist for the Chiefs anymore. We're all under this dark cloud that'll probably hang around for a while.

This is just day three. The hard part will be when the news trucks leave, the front page doesn't lead with the story anymore and the Chiefs are expected to go on as normal.

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