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Kirk Ferentz will not be the Chiefs head coach, according to Peter King

Peter King confirms a number of other reports that Romeo Crennel is likely to be fired, reports that the Chiefs aren't sure what they'll do with GM Scott Pioli and that Iowa's Kirk Ferentz will not be the next Chiefs head coach.


Since everyone else in the NFL media is doing it today, Sports Illustrated's Peter King decided to report on the Kansas City Chiefs and the future of GM Scott PIoli and Romeo Crennel.

King had three main points while speaking on NBC's Football Night in America:

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1. Romeo Crennel is likely out. This matches up with what everyone has been saying about Crennel's future. They'rye all saying he's gone. His chances of returning appear non-existent.

2. The Chiefs aren't sure what they'll do with Pioli yet. Everyone has been all over the place on this on. There's one report that Pioli is done. There's another report that he's meeting with Clark Hunt on Monday. And yet another that the Chiefs have decided to keep him. So, yeah, who knows on this one.

3. King reports that Kirk Ferentz will not be the next head coach of the Chiefs. Tsk, tsk to those of you who saw these rumors and did not read our history lesson on Kirk Ferentz rumors.

So does that about cover it? Good.

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