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Watch Peyton Manning (sort of) tackle Brandon Flowers

Peyton Manning was partially responsible for Brandon Flowers getting tackled on a fumble return.


Reasonable minds can see the same thing and yet still disagree on the outcome.

After watching Brandon Flowers' fumble return in Sunday's Chiefs-Broncos game, I was wondering before seeing a replay if Peyton Manning was the one who tackled Brandon Flowers. Joel Dreessen was also there but I argued that Flowers went down because of Peyton Manning.

Others seem to disagree with me judging by the responses on Twitter.

Watch for yourself:


Flowers is ahead of Dreessen. He hits the ground because he has to cut to avoid Manning. Without Manning, Flowers is gone. Peyton touches him first and then Dreessen comes in.

Officially, that tackle goes to Dreessen, according to But I disagree. That tackle is on Manning because he touched Flowers right before he went down.

Peyton Manning is also the world's worst tackler, by the way.

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