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This is a new one on Scott Pioli's future: 'Leaning out'

ESPN runs down the list of GMs who are on the hot seat. Under Scott Pioli, they write "leaning out". Whatever that means.


Here's a new one on the future of Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli:

"Leaning out"

ESPN ran a segment looking at the future of GMs around the league. In the graphic used, AJ Smith, Gene Smith, Tom Heckert and Rod Graves are all listed under "out". For GM Buddy Nix, it's "leaning safe".

For KC Chiefs GM Scott Pioil, it's "leaning out".

That time of year: Kirk Ferentz connected to Chiefs

This is further confirmation that no one knows what the future of PIoli is. Just this morning others were reporting he is likely to stay another year. Those earlier reports that Pioli is likely out have been scaled back quite a bit, especially this morning.

And many reporters are now saying that Romeo Crennel is likely out. The rumor being passed around at the moment has Pioli staying and Crennel leaving.

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