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Reports: Scott Pioli could stay with Chiefs but with big changes

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports via a source that GM Scott Pioli will survive in Kansas City but only with big changes, like a new head coach, which means Romeo Crennel is likely on his way out.

Jamie Squire

Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole is reporting this about the KC Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel:

Update: Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is passing along basically the same rumor.

1. Cole does NOT sound confident at all in his source, which makes me wonder why he's writing this at all. Almost like he's just passing around gossip, and not actually reporting anything. He told Danny Parkins earlier in the week that he was guessing GM Scott Pioli would be gone, but qualified it that he hadn't heard it straight from Clark Hunt's lips. Again, after hearing him talk to Danny, if his source isn't Clark Hunt, then what does this report even mean?

2. Hearing from a source last night, and then waiting to pass it along until the next morning doesn't seem right. If you have breaking news, you report it, right? I'm not knocking Cole at all -- this just isn't really a report, but it's gonna get Chiefs fans up in arms like it is.

3. The bit of news I might, kinda find here is that he's suggesting Romeo is gone but Pioli stays. People have been guessing on that all along -- predicting either both are gone, or one or the other is gone. In this scenario, Cole is suggesting Romeo would be the one who is out.

So, frankly, this doesn't sound like the big report everyone has been waiting for.

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