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Romeo Crennel brings his KC Chiefs family together on Monday

The Chiefs head coach spoke to reporters on Monday afternoon.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel spoke to the media again on Monday, less than 24 hours after his Chiefs had beaten the Carolina Panthers on an emotional Sunday.

A few highlights of what he had to say...

1. Crennel was asked about a lot of things but one of them stuck with me. How can he reconcile the horrible acts with the Jovan he knew?

"We will do it like any other family would do," Crennel said. "Jovan is a member of the family. What he did, we didn't like; we're not crazy about, but he's still a member of our family. When you go out in society and things like this happen in society because they do happen in society, you don't see people throwing the family members out the door. They are still loved by their family members, but the act, you don't like the act. So, you move on. You deal with it, and you don't have a choice, you have to move on."

Andy Studebaker said something similar, that you have no choice but to move on.

2. We've talked about the leadership displayed by Crennel throughout this situation. Someone at his press conference asked him what I've been wondering as well: How are you doing?

"I've got a good mental state," Crennel said. "My daughters and my wife, they tell me that I must be crazy,that something should be wrong with me, but I can deal with stress. I can deal with grief, so I'm dealingwith it by trying to be the leader that those young men upstairs need. They're young, so they need agood leader at this time. I'm being that for them."

3. Crennel was quoted by Peter King of as saying he "wasn't able to reach the young man." Asked what he meant by that, Crennel said, "I was trying to get him to understand that life is not over, he still has a chance and let's getthis worked out."

Asked if he's changed his priorities since the incident, he said, "No, my priorities have been stable and consistent all along."

Asked if he ever wonders what more he could've said, he said, "No, I don't question what I said at all."

Romeo's a stronger man than I am.

4. Bonus: a football related question.

On the injury front, the Chiefs have a lot of updates.

"We got beat up just a little bit. We had some guys with some muscle injuries - some hams, some quads. Derrick Johnson is nursing one. Flow, Flowers is nursing one. Abe Elam is nursing one. Bailey is an ankle. He should be OK. We'll have to see on the muscles the next couple of days to see what they can do."

Javier Arenas is going to be OK, he said. Crennel isn't sure if Kendrick Lewis will be back this week.

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