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Chiefs vs. Broncos odds: Peyton Manning rarely loses to Kansas City

Manning has lost to the Chiefs once -- eight years ago.

Peter Aiken

In a season known for having the largest amount of close games in NFL history, and for a week (Week 17) designed to increase the competition as much as possible by pitting divisional teams against each other, the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves as massive underdogs -- 16 points to the Denver Broncos.

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16 points! That's almost a three-score line. For the Chiefs, 16 points is a six possession game -- six field goals. (Ha ... I crack myself up.)

So that's pretty nutty. Will it happen? I'm guessing no. I suspect the Chiefs are going to keep this one close. Why do I suspect that? No good reason. Just that the Chiefs blowouts haven't come around as often in the second half of the season. And, for whatever reason. Romeo Crennel has usually played Peyton Manning pretty well.

Manning has only lost to the Chiefs once in his career but it's not like he's blowing them out. He has never beaten the Chiefs by 16 points.

15 points, yes. But not 16!

Earlier this year, it was a 17-9 outcome in favor of Denver.

In 2010, it was a 19-9 score. In the 2007 regular season, the Colts beat the Chiefs by three -- 13-10. And in the playoffs the year before, it was 23-8, the largest margin of victory in a Chiefs vs. Manning game.

In the 2004 regular season, the Chiefs beat Manning for the first time ever, 45-35. In the playoffs the year before that, the no-punt game, Manning and the Colts won by seven. They won by seven in 2001, too, and then by 13 in 2000. The first Chiefs vs. Manning game came on Nov. 7, 1999 with a 25-17 final.

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