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Now Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is injured

It's a knee.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we post the Kansas City Chiefs injury report and without fail there's someone who makes a quip that the head coach, Romeo Crennel, should be on the injury report based on his performance this season.

Now Romeo really is on the injury report.

Crennel came into the Chiefs media room for Thursday's press conference on crutches and explained that he had fluid drained from his knee.

"I had my knee aspirated this morning," Crennel said, "so that's why I'm poking along a little bit. It should be ok. I've been icing, and I just have to go slow initially. So today at practice I might not be running around as much, I might even have a seat and just watch today to takethe load off of that knee."

He said that his knee is something that's been bothering him all season long so on Wednesday night he saw a doctor and had it drained.

This could affect the Chiefs-Broncos game on Sunday. While Crennel says that as of now he still plans on coaching from the sidelines, he could move up to the booth if the knee is bothering him and he's on crutches.

How would Romeo describe his own injury? "I've got a little knee."

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