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Peyton Manning expected to play entire game vs. Chiefs

Unless they blow the Chiefs out, which is very possible.

Dustin Bradford

For most season with Peyton Manning, Week 17 was a time to rest. Former Colts backup quarterback Jim Sorgi usually saw plenty of playing time in Week 17 after the Colts had steam-rolled the regular season and clinched a playoff spot.

Manning is doing the same thing in Denver, running through the regular season with a 12-3 record, but Week 17 won't be the same as it was in Indy. Manning will actually play the entire game.

This according to a report from the Denver Post, which quotes Manning as saying:

"Another chance to work on something," Manning said. "It's just been such a fast-break year. (Offensive coordinator) Mike McCoy is trying to cram five years of experience into one year. I wish we would have played more in the preseason, had those repetitions."

In the Broncos 10-game winning streak, Manning's worst QB rating came against ... the Chiefs.

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