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Will the Chiefs' 5 Pro Bowlers affect Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel's future?

How much will Clark Hunt take the five Pro Bowlers into account when making his decision?


The Kansas City Chiefs surprised the hell out of everyone when it was announced that five -- yes, FIVE -- KC Chiefs players were voted to the 2013 Pro Bowl. Those five are Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson, Eric Berry, Dustin Colquitt and Tamba Hali.

I couldn't help but wonder this after the announcement came down:

Yes, the Pro Bowl itself is a joke because full contact all-star games make little sense. But is the selection process a joke? Does it matter that the Chiefs' peers voted them in?

A few random thoughts on that...

The Chiefs do have a talented team. We've been saying that all year -- the Chiefs are talented individually, but they suck together as a team. That's a plus for Pioli, who is responsible for the roster.

Just one of those Pro Bowlers was a Pioli draft pick -- Eric Berry. That's an indictment on Pioli and the talent he has brought in.

But it's not an indictment on the talent he's retained. DJ, Charles and Tamba are under longterm contracts. Credit Pioli for getting those deals done.

Is Romeo Crennel responsible for these Pro Bowlers playing well? Yes, he is. Is he also responsible for this team being the worst in the NFL? Yes, he is.

Ultimately I don't think this matters. It's a side note. You can look at it however you want but ultimately it's just a small part of the entire equation and it should not be a deciding factor. Just supporting evidence for however Clark Hunt views this.

Most people are taking this as an indictment on Pioli and Crennel...

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