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Tony Dungy will not be the next head coach of the Chiefs

Does this even need a denial?

Scott Halleran

You can count out Tony Dungy as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach. The former Indianapolis Colts head coach wrote on Twitter that he's not coming back to the NFL:

Hold up. How did Tony Dungy get to the point where he's denying a non-existent rumor on Twitter?

Enter random Internet dude.

This random Internet dude wrote a blog post on a blog no one has heard of that Bill Polian has been inside Arrowhead meeting with Clark Hunt. (Ignore the fact that modern communication means they don't have to, you know, meet inside the same offices where Scott Pioli, who has not been fired, is working.) Random Internet dude also said Dungy was coming to Kansas City to be the head coach and that Chris Polian, Bill's son, would be the VP (of what? Who cares what!). And, for the great kicker, Norv Turner and Dom Capers would be coming in as coordinators.

Some people read that and actually took it seriously. People. C'mon.

Dungy denying this gave random Internet dude exactly what he wanted.

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