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'The Chiefs are clearly better than the Falcons' and other Pro Bowl tweets

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Five Pro Bowlers to three shows the Chiefs are obviously better than the Falcons. (...Right?)


Here is a round up of the "How did the Chiefs get five players voted in when [insert my team here] only got [insert number of Pro Bowlers} in?"

You could answer yes to every question here:

Breaking: The Pro Bowl is a huge joke!

This is mind-boggling to me. After watching the Pro Bowl the last few years, THIS is what tells them it's a joke? C'mon. The Pro Bowl has been a well-known joke for at least three years.

This NFL agent is sarcastic:

I like this one:

And I really liked this one:

Make that the Chiefs 5.5 Pro Bowlers to the Falcons 2.5 Pro Bowlers: