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Jamaal Charles and other Chiefs are sick

Some players are being sent home because they're sick.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The one-day Christmas vacation is over for Kansas City Chiefs players, who got back to work on Wednesday in preparation for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos. Romeo Crennel talked to the media on Wednesday and announced that every player on the team had the flu.

Well ... not every player. Just three. But Jamaal Charles is one of those three, so it kinda feels like every player on the team.

Something is certainly going around. They've probably got the same bug that Mrs. Primetime picked up over Christmas. Lots of laying around and having your significant other bring you juice and cookies (we all revert to six-year old kids when we get sick).

Last week, the following players were on the injury report with an illness\: Jon Baldwin, Josh Bellamy, Brandon Flowers, Neiko Thorpe and Jerrell Powe.

Three weeks ago, Eric Berry and Jeff Allen had an illness.

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