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Merry Christmas from Chiefs fans

We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas! (Photo credit: John Reiger, Denny Medley - USPRESSWIRE)

Good morning everyone.

Mrs. Primetime and I are early-risers so we've already exchanged our gifts. I got her two bags of her favorite M&Ms, season two of The Wire (what a great wife), and a couple of gift cards to shops she likes. We adopted a family from the Salvation Army this year so we did little presents for each other this year.

And, you know, the gifts people get you are really just a reflection of yourself. So I'm not sure what to think that so far this year I've received two pairs of sweatpants, a huge tub of homemade candy and cookies and The Clapper. Says a lot about me, I suppose.

I think of all of our contributors on days like this, especially NJ Chiefs Fan, master of Arrowheadlines. Thanks so much for all that you do.

Drop your best gift in the comments. Watch this video below of penguins dressed up as Santa's little helpers (so funny). And I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

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