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Christmas Eve open thread

Since things will be a little slower with it being Christmas Eve and all, here's an open thread to use throughout the day.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports


That's how I feel after the Colts-Chiefs game on Sunday.

No, this has little to do with the actual game. Mrs. Primetime had tickets to the game so we went out there together, which meant we put Sheldog, our little guy (also a dog), in his kennel before we left. Callie, the older one, is a perfect dog so she can stay out in the house.

We got home after the game and Sheldog had somehow got part of his blanket wrapped around his foot, cutting off the circulation to his foot, which was all swollen. We cut off the blanket and he could barely walk, whining in pain.

We made an emergency visit to the vet and $300 x-rays later we learned Sheldog is going to be just fine.

So ... whew.

Use this to talk about whatever during the holidays.

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