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Jamaal Charles' goal: 1,500 rushing yards

The Kansas City Chiefs running back is 270 yards away.

Matt Sullivan

KC Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles spoke for the first time since the Jovan Belcher tragedy three weeks ago. Charles had his connections to the tragedy so it was understandable that things hit him a little more (a "double-whammy" as Romeo Crennel called it).

"When I first touched 1,000 yards for the season, I said in my mind, ‘Wow, I really made it there,' and then we had at least four or five more games left where I thought I could get a lot more yards," Charles said.

Charles passed 1,000 yards in the Dec. 2 Panthers game.

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Charles is threatening his personal single-season rushing record of 1,467 yards. Currently, he stands at 1,230 yards. His goal, he told reporters on Thursday, was to crack 1,500.

"We've got two more games that I'm still trying to push my team, my linemen to help finish strong.I had 1,400 in 2010, I want to at least have 1,500 when we finish."

That's a lofty goal considering where he stands now -- he'd need to average 135 yards a game over these final two games. The Colts, next week's opponent, are vulnerable. They're the 23rd ranked rush defense. The Broncos, meanwhile, are No. 2 against the run.

So it's possible, definitely possible, for Charles to hit 1,500 yards.

And, by the way, Charles knows how to give credit. "I think everybody's played a role in my success - the linemen, the coaches calling the plays, the running backs coach, my fullback, the tight ends, the wide receivers - they all contributed. I would not have any of it without my teammates."

Let's admit it: JC had a lot to do with that, too.

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