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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel: 'My future is week-to-week'

Crennel is asked about the report that he was on his way out.

Jason O. Watson

So Romeo Crennel was asked about those rumors of his professional demise in Kansas City.

If you missed it, former 610 Sports host Nick Wright reported via Twitter that Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel have been informed that they will not be back next season.

That was quickly denied by a number of different reporters.

So that brings us to today. Crennel held his usual Thursday press conference and 610 Sports' Jay Binkley asked him about the rumors out there.

Here's the official transcript, via the Chiefs:

Q: With the rumors out there yesterday that the Chiefs have already informed you that you're not coming back next year, did you talk to anyone in the organization aboutyour future?

Crennel: "Tell me about the rumor. I haven't heard."

Q: It's circulating that you have been told that you're not coming back next year?

Crennel: "Is there anybody in particular who is circulating that rumor?"

Q: It was just out there.

Crennel: "Oh, so you're just believing rumors?"

Q: No, I'm asking you about the rumor because it's out there, several national publications have picked up on it.

Crennel: "You know, I don't deal with rumors. And if you can put a name to the rumor, then that's something else. But just rumors, anybody can start a rumor."

Q: Have you talked to them about your future?

Crennel: "No, I have not. I told you, my future is week to week and what I've been concentrating on is this Sunday's game. So that's all I know about it."

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