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It's snowing in Kansas City ... let's all freak out


It's snowing in Kansas City this morning. I've got about an inch or so outside of my house. It's causing some problems for one of our dogs, Sheldon, who is afraid of his first snowstorm. Callie, our older dog, loves it.

Use this thread today to point out all the people freaking out about the snow in Kansas City. Please mention the funny moments on the news when the reporters are going crazy over an inch of show. Tell us what your kids are doing if they're off school. (By the way, seems like they cancel school very easily these days.) Also tell us what the roads are like out there because ... OMG IT'S SNOWING!!!!

By the way, we might see a little snow on Sunday but it's not looking like much, if anything:


Justin Houston is also experiencing his first KC snowstorm.

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